Red Bullet By Night (Porsche Boxster Spyder 2016)
An interesting week with the red bullet ripping down roads throughout the night. Porsche Boxster Spyder 2016
Dubai Police - Lamborgini Aventador
Dubai Police - Lamborgini Aventador under dramatic light
Audi R8 2016
Art Direction & Concept: DX KODE by Khaled Halwani CG Artist: Alexander Lyan
Audi R8 2016 - B&W
BMW M6 Coupe
The BMW M6 Coupe pops out in contrast with its stunning San Marino Blue Metallic color in this abandoned factory.
Porsche Spyder 2016
Focusing on the gorgeous Porsche Spyder 2016 within this monochromatic concrete environment during the early hours of dawn.
Cadillac ATS Coupe - Cadillac Middle East
In an attempt to shift Cadillac's perception as a brand that appeals to the older segment of audience. Cadillac Middle East, with the new fleet of state of the art vehicles wanted to appeal to the young and trendy. As part of ATS Coupe's Middle East campaign, the main message was #Irresistable. The series of photos below was shot by the international fashion, beauty and lifestyle photographer Andrea Belluso. Client: Cadillac Arabia Photography: Andrea Belluso Art direction and concept: Khaled Halwani - DX Kode Creative Direction and post production: Ju'nk studio
Maseratti GranTurismo
Admiring the perfection of automotive design by focusing on the Maserrati GranTurissmo
Black & White Expressions
A collection of black and white automotive expressions captured at Qatar Motor Show. The focus was to empahsize specific features of great automotive design features to make them pop out within a monochromatic black and white atmosphere.
Mini Cooper S - Cadburry Bubbly Social Media Campaign
Ferrari 458 Italia - Close up
Admire the Italian car maker Ferrari Riyadh - KSA
Maserati Website
Maserati Quatro Porte - Interactive Website
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